Melon, the No. 1 Digital Music Platform of Korea 
that Continues to Evolve into a K-POP Culture Platform

Delivering Music on Demand to Our 30 Million Subscribers 

Melon is a platform that has the largest library of music in Korea that provides music to 30 million subscribers. Also by providing professional information on the music industry and a wide selection of music, we continue to make efforts to increase customer satisfaction through a variety of specialized marketing promotion events. 

Starting as Seoul Records in 1978 and Maturing into LOEN Entertainment - Continued Innovation Based on Professionalism and a True Passion for Music
Based on the passion of LOEN Entertainment that grew and matured together with the music industry of Korea, Melon has continued innovation to provide services that pioneer our lifestyles based on advancements in technologies.
After Melon was launched in 2004, the first smartphone music streaming service in Korea was launched in 2009, and currently by connecting a multitude of devices that include not only smartwatches and tablets, but also household appliances and navigation devices etc., Melon is pioneering the modern day ubiquitous music service where our subscribers can listen to and enjoy music wherever they may be.

A New Way to Enjoy Music through the Implementation of 'Curation Services' - a Personalized Service Based on Big Data 
Melon implemented 'Curation Services', which is a world-first real-time music curation service that provides various personalized services based on analysis of the music preferences of its subscribers, and by focusing Big Data analysis on the contents consumption history and preferred musical genres of its subscribers, Melon is continuously investing efforts to provide differentiated curation services that are optimized for consuming music contents. By providing a personalized signature music service that recognizes the musical needs of its subscribers, Melon is able to provide a fulfilling and satisfactory music experience.

'Melon Partner Center' - Developed to Implement a K-POP Synergy Platform 
The 'Melon Partner Center', which is a country first artist marketing platform through which artists can directly engage with and communicate with fans, has been launched and currently being operated. Through Big Data based analysis reports, this service allows artists to receive feedback on the music consumption preferences and trends of their fans, and by providing effective marketing services to K-POP production labels and companies, the 'Melon Partner Center' has been able to provide a framework for various new services etc. as it is being utilized as the foundation of the future development of the K-POP industry.

'Melon Music Awards' - the Top Global K-POP Festival
Starting in 2009, Melon has been hosting the 'Melon Music Awards', which is a music awards festival that is produced together by artists and fans. Awardees are selected based on publicly trusted Melon usage data from the past year together with user voting results, and the results are broadcasted through various digital platforms and channels across the globe at the end of the year during the 'Melon Music Awards', continuing 'Melon Music Awards' recognition as the top global K-POP festival.